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Latest Games for Windows phone, IOS and Android Devices


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Prey for windows phone is a first person shooter video game with RPG elements that was developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Prey for windows phone is not a sequel and is not tied to the first Prey that was released in 2006 but is more of a reimagining of the original. So you are being hunted by aliens and you have to fight them and find your way through so that you can find answers. Prey for windows phone has a strong and gripping narrative inspired by System Shock 2. The player has to play the game with the character named Morgan Yu whose gender can be chosen. Players will also be able to choose to make their decisions that will affect the story of the game. The main character in Prey for windows phone will be aboard in a space station named Talos I in the year 2032, the scenario where John F Kennedy was never assassinated and years ago, he decided to invest heavily in a space program. Things probably didn’t go as planned and now Morgan, an astronomer is in a station that is filled with a deadly alien race known as Typhon. To survive through the game Prey for windows phone, the players have to make Morgan collect and properly use weapons, resources and wits to fight the aliens and survive in the death zone. And the ultimate objective will be to uncover the secrets hiding in the depths of the space station. In Prey for windows phone, each time Morgan wakes up, he doesn’t remember anything and when he looks at the mirror, every time, a mysterious blood shot in his eye develops and becomes increasingly red. He has recurring nightmares that tell him something but keeps making him confused. But he is sure that someone is watching him and every step he takes.


Surviving and evolving are the central point to the gameplay of this game. Although Prey for windows phone is not an openworld, there seems to be a lot of exploration benefit and freedom of choice as you have many decisions in your hands that can change the outcomes. Prey for windows phone game is not just straight out combat but also an exploration, problem tackling and mystery solving platform. Besides the space station, Morgan can use a spacesuit to go outside the space station to find ways into blocked areas or to simply explore. The players can customize Morgan’s abilities that suit his/her playing style in Prey for windows phone which will be possible with the help of Neuromods that he will have to search for. There are following types of enemies that Morgan will have to face in Prey for windows phone:

Cystiods- They are the baby Typhons that look cute but are viscious and attack in packs.

Mimics- They look like spiders and are a master of disguise.

Telepaths- They are the army of humans who are possessed by the Typhon energy.

Phantoms- They are the most common enemies in the game. They are also the humans, specifically the crew members of the space station who are possessed by the Typhon energy.

Poltergeists- They are the enemies that mark their territory and attack by going invisible.

Nightmare-It is one of the most dangerous enemies in Prey that tries to track you down and kill you but thankfully is only one in number.

In Prey for windows phone you will be in combat the aliens with conventional to modern types of weapons with each having unique powers which you can acquire in different ways. GLOO canon, recycler charge, disruptor stun gun, grenade, etc are the major weapons found in the game. Besides the weapons that Morgan can find laying around, there is chance to craft weapons according to the need from 3Dprinters that are available in the station in Prey for windows phone. The players can also get alien powers like mimicking that are beneficial to fight. The ability of Morgan to Mimic himself into inanimate objects is a very interesting part in Prey for windows phone gameplay. He can turn himself into any kind of objects that are not stuck to the wall or floor. This is useful for stealth. But as this power is actually possessed by the aliens, they may mimic themselves into objects that are useful to Morgan and may attack whilst he tries to acquire them. Prey for windows phone also incorporates elements that show practical aspects like weapon degradation and a “trauma system” that consist of aspects of real life accidents like cutting yourself, breaking you body parts, etc.

There are various other abilities that Morgan can possess in Prey for windows phone. They are:

Lift Field- it creates force field that can lift all the objects into the air.

Kinetic Blast-An explosion can be done by marking a yellow ring where the centre of the ring is the explosion initiation point.

Superthermal- A trap when triggered fires plasma beam

Leverage- An ability to pick huge objects and throw them at the enemy.

Psychoshock- An ability to disable alien powers for a short duration of time.

Mindjack- An ability to control humans.

So, prepare yourself for a psychological thriller game, packed with action and suspense, which you can’t get your hands off.

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