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Mass Effect:Andromeda For Windows Phone - Latest Games for Windows phone, IOS and Android Devices
Latest Games for Windows phone, IOS and Android Devices

Mass Effect:Andromeda For Windows Phone

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Mass Effect: Andromeda for windows phone is the new action packed role-playing game from the Mass Effect franchise. This game was developed by Bio Ware and published by Electronic Arts which was built using Frostbite engine.  It is the fourth part of the series and comes with promising game play. Though there might be some references to the characters of the previous three parts, the setting, the plots and almost all the aspects are different and unrelated. Thus, new players can also join this game directly without the knowledge of the previous games. Mass Effect: Andromeda for windows phone game is set in a far future in a galaxy far far away called Andromeda. The living races of the Milky Way galaxy travel to this virgin galaxy to test if it is appropriate for salvation because their home has started to fail in being a place to survive. They therefore, explore the new world that has amazing as well as dangerous environment. Each ark consists of a team that has a leader called Pathfinder who guides others in his group to achieve their purpose. You can play Mass Effect: Andromeda for windows games by taking up the initial default characters that are Scott or Sara Ryder. These two are twins who assist their father who is a pathfinder along the game. They are not well known in the beginning but due to their amazing combat, tech and biotic abilities, they start being reputed.  The characters have to travel for hundreds of years to reach the Andromeda galaxy which they do by creating energies that won’t age them. The galaxy turns out to be much more deadlier than what they found out from their studies and scans. But still they struggle to find a light at the end of the tunnel and thus, fight against what are put up ahead of them. Despite the disastrous results of their tedious travel, they slowly realize that there is more to the place than what they have seen.

The game play of Mass Effect: Andromeda for windows games is very flexible. There are customizable option to play the game so that it suites your preferences. You can choose to make decisions on basically four mind sets: emotional, logical, professional or casual. These decisions will affect what will come further in the game. It is an exploration based game so it also has numbers of interesting sidequests and loyalty missions.  Along the game, the player will develop skills by earning points and Ryder’s ability will be unlocked step by step. And with the help of the abilities different unique profiles will be unlocked. In Mass Effect: Andromeda for windows games there are two types of points that are earned by the player. The first types are called Andromeda Viability Points which are the simple points that can be earned by doing the basic activities of the game. These points help in unlocking members and increasing the rank of the player. The second types are the direct points that are earned on specific planets that unlock more activities on those planets. Standard maps are provided for the space navigation and blueprints for armor and weapons can be acquired through the campaign. With equipments along with the weapons, different customizations can be done. Multiplayer mode is also available in Mass Effect: Andromeda for windows game with lots of improvement compared to the previous trilogy of the series. This mode will contain a meta-story that fleshes out about what’s going on in the place of Andromeda where the game is set called Helios. No dedicated servers will be provided for multiplayer mode. Ryder will have six squad mates in the game:

  • Bioware(a man named Liam Kosta)
  • Peebee(an asari)
  • Vetra Nyx(a female turian)
  • Nakmor Drack(a male krogan)
  • Cora Harper(a human female)
  • Jaal ama Darav(an angara)

Hence, with a thrilling game play, interesting options, cohesive experience between single player and multiplayer mode, romance experience and so much more, Mass Effect: Andromeda for windows games should definitely be in the list of must play.

iconDownload Mass Effect:Andromeda

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