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Download Clash Royale for Windows Phone - Latest Games for Windows phone, IOS and Android Devices
Latest Games for Windows phone, IOS and Android Devices

Download Clash Royale for Windows Phone

iconDownload Clash Royale

The official Clash Royale Windows phone game is a freemium game where you duel with other players online with a 8 card deck. Each card is can be a character, building or spells that play their part in the battle field. Find matches with a huge pool of players online, clash in a duel and be victorious and share the immense honor of your victory with your fiends! Create clans request decks of card and have friendly battles with friends and enjoy the massive multiplayer game! The official Clash Royale windows phone game lets you complete daily challenges and grants you chests for every successful duel. Each duel last for 3 minutes and an additional minute with double the elixr generation is granted for tie breaking situations. The official Clash Royale game for windows phone is finally here!

In the Clash Royale game for windows phone, every player in the world is ranked by amount of trophies they allocate from battle and level. The top level that any player can reach is 13, further there are 9 levels in which the players are divided according to trophy counts. A duel between players can be won by destroying more towers than the opponent. There are 2 guard towers with long range and 1 King tower with short range. Both can attack air and ground units. If the king tower is destroyed the game is won instantly. At the start of the game each player is given 4 of the eight chosen cards at a random and 5 starting elixir out of 10 maximum. Elixir collects throughout the game at 1 per 2.8 seconds until the2 minute mark automatically but the players can use buildings like elixir collectors to benefit from extra elixir. On the 2 minute mark an extra 1 elixir is granted and the elixir collection rate is doubled by 1 per 1.4 seconds. The official Clash Royale game for windows lets the players use real money through In app purchases to buy gems which can be used to buy Gold which is used to buy and upgrade troops from market or buy chests which contain cards and gold! Bought chests open instantly buy the chests acquired form battles need time to open. While the player has 4 slots for chest accumulation, Silver chest takes 3 hour, Golden Chest takes 8 hour, giant chest, magical and epic chest take 12 hours and Super magical and legendary chests take 24 hours to unlock!

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iconDownload Clash Royale

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