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Angry Birds Holiday For Windows Phone - Latest Games for Windows phone, IOS and Android Devices
Latest Games for Windows phone, IOS and Android Devices

Angry Birds Holiday For Windows Phone

Presenting you the awaited Angry Birds Holiday by Rovio Entertainment.

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Rovio Entertainment, the developer behind the iconic and addictive Angry Birds game series has presented us with Angry Birds Holiday for windows phone which is a casual game based on The Angry Birds Movie. It was developed by Sproing and published by Rovio Entertainment for windows phone.  Unlike the previous Angry birds games for windows phone, this one has a different game play which is of city builder genre, here you develop rather than increase your level only. In Angry Birds Holiday for windows phone the player is guided by Matilda, to run a business with them for the piggies taking a vacation in the resort. The major task for the player will be to avoid those pigs to go to the eggs in Angry Birds Holiday for windows phone. By attempting to distract the green piggies from stealing and eating your eggs with tomato baths, you’ll be able to grow crops and produce goods to create a self-sustaining city, with new businesses and areas unlocked as you progress through the game that is Angry Birds Holiday for windows phone. The player may simply drag the pig or items into the designated area to service the pig. In addition, for the development of the area, get resources from servicing, harvest crops and build productions in Angry Birds Holiday for windows phone.

As always, Rovio Entertainment has been improving various aspects of game standard each time a new one is created for windows phone. This one also seems to have a quality that a game lover or specifically Angry Birds game geeks can admire. Angry Birds Holiday for windows phone  comes with excellent 3D graphics, many upgrades, various constructions, huge range of items for aesthetic purpose and cute characters. There are various tangibles which we acquire and have to make use of or gain in order to fulfill the purposes of the game for windows phone. We should try to make the holiday paradise so relaxing that the pigs will forget about the eggs. You can start a holiday shop, a gym, a karaoke restaurant, an animal watch, a crafting studio and so much more to make your place the ultimate holiday destination in The Angry Birds Holiday for windows phone. The currencies accepted in the game world are coins, gems and slingshot tickets.  Coins are the basic types of currency in this game. It can be used to purchase non-emergency items such as purchasing new production buildings, gardening areas, service areas and decorative items in shop. Gems are the premium game currency used to buy emergency items such as skip waiting times, buying slots and purchase insufficient items required. And finally slingshot tickets are used to send the pigs to friends, contacts or flock list.

The Angry Birds Holiday for windows phone game provides us with basically five tools; repair tool, harvest tool, axe, saw and TNT. Repair tools are used to repair the building so that they stay in a good condition. Harvest tools are used to harvest crops out in the field, axe is used to cut small trees down, saws are used to cut large trees down and TNT is used to blow the boulders. Other important tangibles of the game are buildings, crops and the characters, all having a wide range of variety. The characters that we find in Angry Birds Holiday for windows phone are listed below:

  • Matilda
  • Pigs
  • Gale
  • Stella
  • Red
  • Bomb
  • Terence
  • Handsome Bird
  • Chuck
  • Willow
  • Hal
  • The Blues
  • Chef Bird
  • DJ Bird

Like all other city builder games, the idea is to expand as much as possible for  windows phone.

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